RFID Spa Locker Locks


A Better Guest Experience. Set up your RFID spa locker room using our RFID locker locks together with one of our  RFID wristband credentials.

Extended RFID Functionality. Our RFID locks are suited for use in dry, wet or steamy spa environments. Our RFID spa wristbands are waterproof and perfect for the shower, sauna, hot tub or massage table. Use them for locker access or to allow your guests to check in and make cash-free purchases of food, beverages and merchandise.

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RFID Spa Locker Locks: Customer Care  

Modernizing your spa locker rooms adds an upscale and stress-free feel to the spa experience for guests while improving convenience and security. There are no annual software license fees to pay or wiring to install for SYNOLOCK RFID locks, making our locks stress-free for spa staff to set up and maintain.

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Popular RFID Locks for Spa Lockers

Spa Amenity

Modernize and upscale the spa experience by letting your guests secure their valuables using an RFID locker lock.

Easy Maintenance

Our RFID locks for spa lockers have a long battery life, are easy for staff to set up and maintain.

Spa Memberships

Allows spa members to secure their valuables in an RFID locked locker and tap to make small purchases.

Considerations: RFID Locks for Spas

Upscale the Spa Experience. Apart from the cool tech buzz and security of an RFID locker lock, RFID wristbands can help you to generate residual sales streams when set up to make small purchases such as for drinks, food or products while customers are in the spa.

Increase Revenue. Set up a VIP or loyalty program and give your special customers their own special coloured wristband, generating repeat paid-in-advance streams of revenue.

Standalone Free or Fixed?

It is important to consider the kind of experience you wish to bring to your guests. Do you want guests to check in and receive a wristband that is assigned to a certain locker number (standalone fixed type)? Or do you prefer to issue a wristband and let the guest decide which locker to use (standalone free)? We offer both systems, please contact us for a free consultation.

Wristband: Numbered or Not?

Numbered wristbands matched to a locker are suited to smaller spas where you want to provide a personal guest experience. The downside with numbered bands is that when a few go missing and need to be replaced, getting a small number of replacements is difficult. Most spas affix a numbered plastic tag to the wristband or choose a standalone free locking system to avoid this problem.


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