RFID Locker Locks For Schools


Enhanced Student Security. Set up your school lockers with RFID locks to improve security on campus for student valuables and to provide for secure phone and notebook storage.

Easy to Install – Easy to Maintain. No wiring to install and no annual software license fees. Install the locks, set them up and start locking. Pair our locks with one of our RFID credentials to generate a highly secure RFID locking solution for students and staff.

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RFID Locks for School Lockers  

Modernize your school security to keep student and staff valuables safe. Use RFID locks with school lockers and storage cabinets in classrooms or labs where high value items and equipment is stored.

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Popular RFID Locks for School Lockers

Safe & Secure

RFID locks modernize school lockers and classroom storage cabinets for students and staff.

Easy to Maintain

Our RFID locks have a long battery life and are easy for school staff to set up and maintain.

Flexible Credentials

RFID wristbands, cards or key fobs work with our locks as secure log in credentials for students and staff.

RFID Locks for Schools

Cool School. Bring a tech buzz and security to your school or college campus by deploying RFID locker locks for staff and students. Keep valuables like phones, notebooks and capital equipment safe and eliminate the high costs of rekeying locks.

Low-cost RFID Locks. No system wiring to install – no annual software license fees to pay: install the locks and set them up, it’s that easy.


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Cut Your Costs

Buy high quality RFID spa locker locks directly from the factory to reduce project costs.

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Service & Support

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