RFID Gym Lockers

RFID wristband used in gym or fitness facility


Set up your RFID gym locker room using SYNOLOCK RFID locker locks and one of our silicone RFID wristbands.

Our RFID gym locker locks come in 125 KHz or 13.56 MHz and are suited for all gym locker room environments. Our RFID gym wristbands are waterproof and perfect for the shower, sauna, hot tub or pool. Use them for locker access, on your work out equipment, or allow gym members to check in and make cash-free purchases across the venue.

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The Ideal RFID Gym


Create a Seamless Experience. Members go to the gym to exercise and unwind. Apart from the security of an RFID locker lock and the cool tech buzz that RFID can add across your gym, pool or recreation center, RFID wristbands allow for a stress-free check in and the value added experiences that your members have come to expect.

RFID for Small Purchases. RFID wristbands can generate new sales streams when set up for making small purchases such as for drinks, food or health products while your members are at the gym. Combine RFID wristbands with your exercise equipment or allow members to pay for or sign in to a yoga, spin or aerobics class on site. RFID wristbands can also build customer loyalty and paid-in-advance business that generates enduring streams of revenue.

Standalone Free or Fixed?

Choosing the right RFID locker lock goes well beyond whether your gym, pool or recreation center locker doors are wooden or metal. SYNOLOCK RFID locker locks are available for both types of doors, please check our RFID locker lock offerings here.

It is also important to consider the kind of service you wish to offer to your members. Do you want guests to check in and receive a wristband that is assigned to a certain locker number (standalone fixed type)? Or do you prefer to issue a wristband and let the guest decide which locker to use (standalone free)?

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Wristband: Numbered or Not?

Choosing the right RFID wristband is also important as it will impact the way that you offer service to your guests. Please see our RFID wristbands here.

Offering a wristband that is numbered and matched to a locker is better suited to smaller gyms or clubs where you want to provide a more personalized guest service. The downside with numbered bands is when they go missing they need to be replaced, and getting a small number of replacements can be difficult. Most gyms use numbered plastic or metal key tags that affix to the wristband or combine a standalone free locking system with a wristband and let the guest choose their own lockers.