RFID Gym Lockers


RFID Across Your Venue. Allow your gym members to check in using their RFID membership credential and then to secure their property in an RFID enabled gym locker in your change room.

Extended RFID Functionality. Members can use that same RFID credential to tap-in and record their best times on your RFID enabled work out equipment and make cash-free purchases for drinks, food and merchandise across your gym or fitness center.

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RFID Gym Locker Locks: Get Connected  

No annual software license fees to pay, no wiring to install. Modernize your gym locker rooms while improving convenience and security for gym members and staff. SYNOLOCK RFID locks operate on batteries and are easy to install, set up and maintain in both mens and women’s locker rooms.

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Popular RFID Locks for Gym Lockers

Member Amenity

Modernize the guest experience. Let members secure their valuables using an RFID locker lock at your gym, fitness center, pool or sport club.

Easy Installation

Our RFID locks for gym lockers are quick and easy to install. Choose between standalone fixed mode or standalone free mode versions.

RFID Memberships

Allows members to secure their valuables in an RFID locked locker, tap in on workout equipment and to make small purchases.

RFID wristband used in gym or fitness facility

Opportunities: RFID Locks for Gyms


RFID Creates a Seamless Membership Experience. Apart from the security of an RFID locker lock and the cool tech buzz that RFID add to your gym, pool, fitness or recreation center, RFID wristbands allow for stress-free check in and value added experiences that members expect.

RFID for Small Purchases. RFID wristbands can generate new sales streams when set up for making small purchases such as for drinks, food or health products. Combine RFID wristbands with your exercise equipment or allow members to pay for or sign in to a yoga, spin or aerobics class on site. RFID wristbands can also build customer loyalty and paid-in-advance business that generates enduring streams of revenue.


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