RFID Locks for Wooden Lockers


Contactless RFID Locker Locks. SYNOLOCK RFID locks are suited for use with the wooden lockers at your hotel, gym, spa, pool, waterpark, school, sports club or fitness centre.

Standalone or Networked. Our locker locks are contactless and suited for standalone or networked (SL-340 only) locking applications. Easy to install and a breeze to maintain, pair our RFID locks with one of our custom branded RFID wristbands, cards or key fobs for a turnkey RFID locking solution.

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Why You Need RFID Locker Locks

Clean and contactless RFID locker locks modernize and upscale any small or large locker room and bring enhanced security benefits to your guests, club members and staff. SYNOLOCK RFID locker locks are battery operated and easy to install. Set up and maintenance is a breeze: no more lost keys, PIN numbers to remember or costly locksmiths needed to rekey a lock when keys go missing.

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Contactless Security

Modernize the guest experience. Let each guest secure their own valuables using an RFID locker at your hotel, gym, spa, pool, or golf club.

Easy to Install

SYNOLOCK RFID locker locks are fast and easy to install. Choose between networked, standalone fixed or standalone free mode locking systems.

Secure RFID Credentials

Our contactless RFID wristbands, cards and key fobs function seamlessly with our locker locks as secure log in credentials for users.

Contactless RFID Locks: Perfect for Any Application

There are a few important considerations to be made when evaluating an RFID locking system for your facility. Assuming you are not using a software management system to control the locker locks, you will need a standalone RFID lock that is either a fixed or free type.

Here are the main differences:

  • Standalone Fixed: Locks are battery operated and do not require any wiring. Numbered RFID wristbands are coded to operate with a specific numbered locker lock. Guest is assigned a numbered locker and issued an RFID card, wristband or key fob that opens/closes that locker only.
  • Standalone Free: Locks are battery operated and do not require wiring. Guest is issued an RFID card, wristband or key fob and can use that to open/close any available locker that they choose.
  • Networked Locks: Our SL-340 Lock is available for use as a networked lock for use with locker management and rental software.

When choosing one of our RFID locks, it is important to check the thickness of your door to make sure the lock can be inset into the door and properly secured during installation. Some locks are surface mount, meaning they do not inset into the door.

Lock dimensions are shown on each locker lock product page. We also offer a drilling template and user guide to support locker lock installations.  

Wooden Door Veneers and Finishes

Please check with your locker vendor about the material used in any finishes on the locker door. Some lockers are obviously made of wood, but others are made from a wood composite that is then wrapped with a decorative foil or a laminate material that can contain metal. Metal in the door finish can create interference for the RF signal used to open/close the locks.

If you suspect that you may have a foil or metallic finish on your doors, please choose a lock designed for metal or test one of our locks for wooden doors before you order. If you do have metal in your door finish, for some locks we can offer a ferrite insulator backing to help mitigate this problem.

Typical RFID Locker Lock Applications

RFID locks are typically used in these applications:

  • Locker rooms at gyms, pools, spas, sports clubs
  • Staff and student lockers in the workplace, factory or school
  • Storage lockers at theme parks, hotels and ski areas

For some applications, we can pair the lock with an existing access control card to allow for site and locker access.

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Miami Open Chooses SYNOLOCK

Chosen for quality, performance and price, the SYNOLOCK 338H-MF RFID Locker Lock was installed as a standalone fixed system across 350 lockers at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and paired with our Mifare 1 RFID cards on lanyards so that each tennis star could properly secure their personal effects and tennis gear.

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