RFID Locks for Metal Lockers


Shown below are the SYNOLOCK RFID locks designed for metal lockers. Our locker locks are high quality and suited for your hotel, gym, spa, pool, waterpark, school, club or fitness centre.

Easy to install and maintain, pair our RFID locks for metal lockers with one of our RFID wristbands, cards or key fobs for a secure and turnkey RFID locking solution.

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Enhance Guest Security

Modernize the guest experience. Let each guest secure their own valuables using an RFID locked locker at your gym, spa or pool, golf or sport club.

Easy to Install

Our RFID locks for metal lockers are fast and easy to install. Choose between standalone fixed more or standalone free mode versions.

RFID Credentials

Any one of our RFID wristbands, RFID cards or RFID key fobs function well with any of our locker locks as secure log in credentials for each guest.

Choosing the Right RFID Lock for Metal Lockers

Setting up a SYNOLOCK RFID locker lock system is easy. Apart from deciding on important aspects of the system like whether to use a standalone fixed mode or free mode system and what kind of RFID credentials to issue, you also need to consider a few other things, such as whether or not the locker door you will mount the lock on has a recessed area or not, and how far the lock will protrude from a door.

Do you prefer a lock that is low profile? Or one that protrudes? Lock dimensions are shown on each product page so please check the dimensions as part of your selection process. Likewise, some locks are available in different metal finishes like Polished Chrome, Black, Red Bronze, Bronze, Nickel, or PVD Gold so please think about the finish you need and whether or not you need branding on your locks.

At time of order it is important to let us know that you will use metal lockers so that we can offer the proper anti-metal shielding material to be installed with the lock. That material prevents interference with the RF signals that the lock needs to read to lock and unlock.

Please be sure to check with your locker supplier and test a lock sample first, and if you need any help, please contact us for assistance.