SL-341H RFID Locker Lock

For wood and metal locker doors. The SL-341H RFID locker lock operates with 13.56 MHz RFID cards and other credentials. Compact, battery operated and easy to install with a secure 3-level card management system. Available in standalone fixed or free mode.

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  • Mounts Easily on Wooden or Metal Locker Doors
  • Find out more about how to set up RFID locker locks here: RFID Locker Lock FAQ’s
  • Choose from three different systems:
    • Standalone Fixed System: Numbered RFID wristbands are coded to operate on a specific numbered locker. Guest is assigned a numbered locker and issued an RFID card, wristband or key fob that opens/closes it.
    • Standalone Free System: Guest is issued an RFID card, wristband or key fob and can use that to open/close any available locker that they choose.


  • Available Colours: Polished Chrome, Black, Red Bronze, Bronze, Nickel, PVD Gold
  • Operating Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Supported Standards: ISO 14443 (MIFARE)
  • Power: 3 AA Batteries
  • Read Distance: Up to 5 cm
  • Housing: Zinc Alloy
  • Lock Outer Dimensions: 45mm x 115 mm
  • Lock Outer Thickness Dimensions: 22 mm
  • Inside Lock Housing Dimensions: 125 mm x 65mm x 20mm
  • Weight: 200g

Product dimension of RFID locker lock


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  • RFID Locker Lock for Spas
  • RFID Locker Lock for Hotels
  • RFID Locker Lock for Pools
  • RFID Locker Lock for Arenas
  • RFID Locker Lock for Golf Clubs
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