SL-850 Digital Touch Screen RFID Lock

The SL-850 Digital Touch Screen RFID Lock is a standalone lock used to secure lockers, filing cabinets, drawers and strong boxes. Offered in 125 KHz EM or Mifare ISO 14443 formats. No wiring or network is needed, the lock is compact, battery operated and easy to install. Pair the lock with one of our RFID wristbands, RFID cards or RFID key fobs.

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Technical Parameters
  • Power Supply: 3x AA alkaline batteries
  • Credentials: 125 KHz EM or Mifare ISO 14443 format
  • Static Current: ≤30µA
  • Dynamic Current: ≤200mA
  • Working Temperature: -15~+55°C
  • Working Humidity: 20~95% RH
  • Alarm Voltage: 3.7±0.2V
  • Door Thickness: 13~25mm



  • Backlight digital touch screen with RFID reader
  • Secure control by level-management
  • LED lock indicator
  • Alarm sounds for wrong code or unauthorized credential
  • Anti-picking alarm
  • Low voltage alarm
  • External power backup
  • Zinc alloy housing

One Lock Three Uses

  1. Fixed Password Mode for Private Use: Enter fixed password to lock and unlock.
  2. One-time Password Mode for Private Use: Guest enters own password to lock and unlock.
  3. Master Card Control: Master card can manage and control all or some locks.


  • Digital RFID Lock
  • Digital RFID Lock for Office
  • Digital RFID Lock for Drawers
  • Digital RFID Lock for Cabinets