RFID Locker Locks


Keyless and Contactless. Eliminate the hassle of keys and enhance the safety and security of your guests. SYNOLOCK RFID locker locks are a contactless locking solution that is perfect for your gym, hotel, spa, pool, school, golf, sports club or resort property.

Easy to Install and Maintain. Mount the lock and set them up – no wiring required. Quickly pair our RFID locker locks with one of our RFID wristbands, cards or key fobs to generate a highly secure RFID locking solution.

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Enhance Guest Security

Modernize the guest experience. Let each guest secure their own valuables using an RFID locked locker at your gym, spa or pool, golf or sport club.

Easy to Install

Use our RFID locks on either wooden or metal lockers. Fast and easy to install and maintained with a secure 3-level card management system.

Flexible Credentials

Pair one of our RFID wristbands, RFID cards or RFID key fobs with any of our RFID locks to create secure log in credentials for each user.

Considerations: Choosing the Right RFID Locker Lock System

Setting up a SYNOLOCK RFID locker lock system is easy.

First you need to decide what kind of locker locking system is right for your business or facility.

The number of lockers is always a factor in deciding on a management system. Do you prefer a standalone fixed system for a smaller facility that allows you to welcome and interact with the guest? Or a standalone free system for larger facility that allows the guest the freedom to choose any available locker that they wish to use?

And what about the RFID credentials? Wristbands? Cards? Key Fobs? Plain or branded, numbered or not? Choices, choices.

Here are the locking system options:

    • Standalone Fixed System: Numbered RFID wristbands are coded to operate on a specific numbered locker. Guest is assigned a numbered locker and issued an RFID card, wristband or key fob that opens/closes it when they arrive at your facility, returning it when they leave.
    • Standalone Free System: Guest is issued an RFID card, wristband or key fob and can use that to open/close any available locker that they choose. This is a good choice for membership facilities where the guest has an RFID bracelet, card or fob and is a regular visitor.

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We are a leading supplier of RFID locks and custom RFID locking credentials such as contactless cards, wristbands and RFID fobs. Customer satisfaction matters to us and derives from quality products and excellent customer service. Please contact us to discuss how we can help make your project a total success.

Miami Open 2019 Chooses SYNOLOCK RFID Locker Locks

Chosen for quality, performance and price, the SYNOLOCK 338H-MF RFID Locker Lock was installed as a standalone fixed system across 350 lockers at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Paired with our F08 RFID cards with a hole punched in one end and hung on lanyards, each tennis player in the tournament could properly secure their gear and valuables, eliminating the cost and hassle with keys that had become a management problem at past tournaments. Find out more …

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