RFID Key Fobs


No More Keys. Eliminate the hassle of keys while you enhance the security of your mailbox, home, office, strong room, garage or warehouse. SYNOLOCK RFID key fobs for locks come in 125KHz and 13.56 MHz. Serial numbers, graphics and custom printing are available on most part numbers.

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Using Key Fobs for RFID Locks

Use RFID key fobs as credentials for access control and locking applications to bring convenience to your staff, workers or club members. Our selection of RFID fobs function just like a card or wristbands and can be offered in any colour with logo to meet your custom branding requirements.

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Popular RFID Key Fobs

For the Office

Keep your data safe. Limit employee access to important files in the office. Our key fobs work with any brand of RFID lock.

Clean locker room with RFID locker locks

For Hotels & Clubs

Transform your guest experience. Integrate your room keys or membership cards with our RFID locks for doors and lockers.

For Gyms & Pools

Everyone loves convenience. Integrate your membership cards with our RFID locker locks at your gym, pool or fitness complex.

For the Home

Secure your privacy at home. Keep your kids and others out of your desk drawers, filing cabinets, medicine, liquor or gun cabinets.

Alternative RFID Credentials

Prefer to use a different kind of credential form factor on your RFID locks? Choose from our line of high quality RFID wristbands or RFID card credentials which can be offered with your logo, branding or other customized features.

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SYNOMETRIX has built its reputation as a leading supplier of RFID wristbands, bracelets and RFID locks on high quality products and great service.  Please contact us so that we can help to make your RFID lock installation project a major success.