HID ISOProx II Cards

HID ISO Prox II RFID Cards: We offer a full range of compatible HID ISOProx II PVC RFID cards for applications in RFID access control that also work well with SYNOLOCK and any brand 125 KHz RFID lock. This combination brings unmatched security and ease of use to access control and RFID locking applications at your secured access facility.

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HID Prox II RFID contactless cards are an industry standard for access control. Using one HID RFID card across the different access control and locking applications at your facility saves cost and drives more convenience for the user by eliminating the need to carry different cards for various locking and access control functions.

Our high quality HID compatible RFID cards are suited to any brand of RFID lock that is typically used in these types of applications:

  • RFID Cards for Cabinet Locks
  • RFID Access Control Card Keys for Locks
  • RFID Locker Lock Keys
  • RFID Keys for Drawer Locks
  • RFID Locker Keys for Offices

Available Types

We offer these types of HID compatible cards:

  • HID ISOProx II 1386 PVC Card 26 bit
  • HID ISOProx II 1586 PVC Card 26 bit
  • HID ISOProx II 1386 PVC Card 35 bit
  • HID ISOProx II 1386 PVC Card 37 bit


How to Order

Please contact us with the format, quantity, facility code and number range you need so that we can offer best prices.