YMCA Pool and Recreation Center

YMCA Pool & Recreation Center

SYNOLOCK SL-8000 silicone RFID wristbands, our Mifare cards and RFID Key Fobs are used by the YMCA in Australia as RFID membership credentials for members.

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SM-8000 RFID MOVE Wristband in Black, Red, and White


Looking for an RFID supplier that could offer shorter delivery times, better prices and a higher quality product mix, the Victoria, Australia YMCA selected our RFID Cards, SL-8000 wristbands and key fobs as credentials for its members. Because the SL-8000 wristbands were too large for children’s swimming programs, a custom sized wristband to meet their needs was developed.


The MOVE wristband requirement was for two logos with warnings such as “I Must be Within Arms Reach” or  “I Must Be Actively Supervised” added for safety at the swimming program so staff could supervise the safety of young children. The wristbands also provided comfort in the gym as they have a vented strap and are adjustable to fit any sized wrist.

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