Bounce Empire

Bounce Empire

Bounce Empire selected the SL-338H RFID standalone free locker lock to secure customer clothes and valuables across its 200 lockers. Guests are issued an SM-8016 locking silicone RFID wristband for us as secure locking credentials for pre-purchased time credit.

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Bounce Empire engaged SYNOLOCK seeking the best locking solution for their RFID lockers. The SYNOLOCK 338H-MF RFID Locker Lock standalone open lock was chosen for its mix of quality, performance, and price. The SL-8016 silicone RFID wristband was selected for its locking feature, something important for the billing method of this business.


Wristbands are used to open and lock any locker that the customer chooses to use. The wristbands are locked on the wrist using an anti-theft device and removed once customers are finished bouncing. Once the locker is vacated it is immediately ready and available to the next guest who wishes to use it.

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