Hotel Door Locks


Offer keyless convenience and contactless security for the guests at your hotel, motel, resort, lodge or vacation rental property. Our RFID door locks are a high quality cost effective solution that are easy to install and maintain.

Contactless RFID Door Locks. Issue your guests with a branded RFID card, or a disposable or reusable wristband on their arrival. They can then use that secure RFID credential to access their room, gain floor access in the elevator, and enjoy easy one tap payments to their folio for food and beverage as well as secure access control to the different areas across your property.

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Keyless Convenience

From hotel room doors to RFID payments and access control, your guests will enjoy enhanced security across your property.

No Wiring Needed

Fast and easy to install into hotel doors. Our hotel door locks are battery operated and do not require wiring.

Secure Credentials

Issue guests an RFID wristband or RFID card for use as secure credentials at any RFID reader or POS terminal at your hotel.


Our contactless door locks are high quality and low cost. Pair the locks with one of our custom RFID cards, fobs or wristbands for a complete solution. Customer satisfaction matters to us and derives from quality products and excellent customer service. Please contact us to discuss how we can help make your project a total success.

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