Electronic Hotel Door Locks


Safety & Security Advanced. Our high quality electronic hotel locks with RFID are made for hotel, hospitality and service sector installations. We offer a full range of RFID hotel locks with Bluetooth (BLE) that open using a smartphone, electronic locks with keypad and Bluetooth and standard proximity hotel locks that open using RFID key cards or wristbands.

New Installations & Retrofits. Spec-in SYNOLOCK electronic RFID hotel door locks for new builds or hotel door retrofits. We ship all hardware directly to your property, fabricator or installation team. Buying direct for large or small installations lowers costs while adding security and convenience to your property.

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Our Locks Integrate With These Property Management Systems

SYNOLOCK Electronic Hotel Door Locks

We offer a full range of RFID hotel door lock styles, colours and functions for large or small installations at your hotel, resort, motel, vacation rental condos or summer camp. Our locks pair perfectly with one of our custom branded RFID key cards, key fobs or wristbands, offering you a turnkey one-stop solution.

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What Type of Lock Do You Need?

Bluetooth and Proximity Door Locks

We offer two main types of electronic locks for hotels; Bluetooth locks and proximity locks. Our locks are used at hotel and resort properties as well as for these applications:

  • Hospitality Businesses
  • Schools & Education
  • Health & Fitness Centres
  • Offices and Workplaces
  • Holiday Rental Businesses
  • Retreats & Summer Camps

Bluetooth Locks

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled electronic door locks allow your guests to use their mobile phone as a key card so that they can access their room. Bluetooth locks can also be used with RFID key cards, and some BLE door locks have a keypad and metal key that can be used to gain room access.

Add a Smart Lock Gateway to your installation and manage your locks remotely on a smartphone app over Wifi.

Proximity Locks

Proximity hotel door locks use an RFID credential to unlock a door. Guests can use an RFID key card or wristband to access the elevator, VIP areas and amenities at your property. Proximity locks read the microchip inside the card when the card is brought in close proximity with the reader located inside the lock housing.

A time tested solution, RFID credentials are easy for guests to use and do not require an app be downloaded to their smartphone.

Pros & Cons

  • Modern convenience and the best security.
  • Guest uses their Smartphone as a key card, reducing lost key card costs.
  • Guest may still need an RFID credential to access some areas of your property.
  • Guest must download an app to to their Smartphone. This can be inconvenient for out of country travellers and guests who stay infrequently.

Pros & Cons

  • RFID credentials are widely used: no app to download.
  • RFID credentials get lost or need to be replaced as they wear over time, incurring costs.
  • RFID credentials can be custom branded for your property.
  • RFID is a stable and time tested technology, lowering your technical risks.


SYNOMETRIX has built its reputation as a leading supplier of RFID wristbands, bracelets and RFID locks on high quality products and great service. Please check us out at www.synometrix.com and contact us so that we can help to make your lock installation or other RFID project a major success.

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