Digital Keypad Locks


Digital Keypad RFID Locks. Our high quality digital keypad RFID locks are enabled with RFID to bring a superior level of security and lock management capability to any application. Use our keypad locks on doors, cabinets, as locker locks, on secure drawers, and strong boxes.

Use With or Without RFID. Use an RFID card for lock management and an extra layer of security or set up the digital keypad locks for input of unlock codes that are set for one user or set for one time public user input. Backlit design makes it easy to use the locks anywhere.

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Public or Private Use

Our digital RFID locks allow for one time public use locking codes or permanent codes assigned to one user.

Wireless Installation

Quick and easy to install. Our digital keypad RFID locks are battery operated and do not require any wiring.

Advanced Security

Three level RFID card management provides the extra secure credentials that keep your valuables secure.